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  • Xiong, Xingguo; Lu, Deren; Wang, Weiyuan (IEEE, 2005-08-07)
    In this paper, a novel silicon-on-glass bulk micromachined comb accelerometer with floating interconnect is introduced. The device uses unique floating back interconnect for the connection of the fixed comb fingers, which ...
  • Xiong, Xingguo; Wu, Yu-Liang; Jone, Wen-Ben (IEEE, 2008-12-05)
    A BISR (Built-in Self-Repairable) MEMS comb accelerometer with modularized design has been previously reported. In this paper, the differential capacitance sensing circuitry for MEMS comb accelerometer is discussed. The ...
  • Sharma, Kanchan; Macwan, Isaac; Zhang, Linfeng; Hmurcik, Lawrence V.; Xiong, Xingguo (ASEE, 2007)
    MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) refers to the technology integrating electrical and mechanical components with feature size of 1~1000 microns. MEMS comb accelerometers have been successfully applied for air-bag ...
  • Karuppannan, Karthikeyan; Xiong, Xingguo; Zhang, Linfeng; Hu, Junling (ASEE, 2009)
    Surface-micromachined MEMS accelerometers have been used in many applications, such as automobile airbag deployment systems and aerospace inertial navigation. Due to the movable parts involved and their diversity in device ...
  • Wu, Yu-Liang; Jone, Wen-Ben (IEEE, 2008-10-01)
    MEMS (Microelectromechanical System) reliability has been a very important issue, especially for safety critical applications. Due to the diversity and multiple energy domains involved, MEMS devices are vulnerable to various ...
  • Zou, Qiang; Lu, Deren; Li, Baoqing; Xiong, Xingguo; Xiong, Bin; Wang, Weiyuan (SPIE, 1997-09-29)
    A novel KOH silicon maskless anisotropic etching technology is adopted to fabricate micromachining silicon mass-beam structure accelerometer. Lateral sensitivity effect in normal accelerometer is eliminated because the ...

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