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  • Zhong, Jichao; Xiong, Xingguo; Yao, Zheng; Hu, Junling; Patra, Prabir (Springer Netherlands, 2010)
    MEMS micro-mirrors have been widely used in optical communication, projection display, and microscanner, etc. Various MEMS micro-mirror devices have been reported. In this paper, the design of a bulk-micromachined MEMS ...
  • Hu, Junling; Guo, Huang; Tsai, Hai-Lung (Elsevier, 2009-11)
    Both mathematical modeling and experiments have been conducted on the formation of the crater formed in a GMAW of aluminum alloy 6005-T4. Transient weld pool shape and the distributions of temperature and velocity were ...
  • Hu, Junling; Tsai, Hai-Lung (ASME, 2007-08)
    This article analyzes the transient complex heat transfer and fluid flow in molten metal and arc plasma during the gas metal arc welding process. The model predicts the formation, growth, detachment, and transfer of droplets ...
  • Hu, Junling; Guo, H.; Tsai, Hai-Lung (Elsevier, 2007)
    This article studies the transient weld pool dynamics under the periodical impingement of filler droplets that carry mass, momentum, thermal energy, and species in a moving 3D gas metal arc welding. The complicated transport ...

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