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  • Oropall, Donna (University of Bridgeport, 2015-05)
    Mindfulness meditation is in the news and in our culture, a seemingly new “trend” that celebrities and universities alike have embraced. However, as Professor Donna Oropall points out, this “trend” has been part of Eastern ...
  • Ray, Roxie (University of Bridgeport, 2015-05)
    The theme of alienation is widespread in fiction and nonfiction alike, probably because it is so universally felt. Professor Roxie Ray’s wry and touching memoir Resident Alien recounts a brief period in the life of a young ...
  • Nawrocki, Amy (University of Bridgeport, 2014-03)
    There’s a secret about punctuation that most English teachers don’t tell you: beyond “rules” and correctness, there’s a power and beauty to those little symbols that we find ourselves placing between and around the words ...
  • Lehman, Eric D. (University of Bridgeport, 2014-03)
    Is letter-writing dead? Has the internet killed it? In “Yours Truly,” Eric D. Lehman finds that while the style may be changing, the form of correspondence known as a letter is alive and well. Just as a conversation is ...
  • Engelmann, Kathleen (University of Bridgeport, 2012)
  • Johnson, Jeffrey (University of Bridgeport, 2012)
  • The Cave 
    Eves, Timothy (University of Bridgeport, 2012)

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