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  • Noi, Emmanuel T.; Barraza, Brisa; Canas, Justin; Cartagena, Camila; Lou, Shijun; Munkhbat, Yanjinlkham (2018-03-23)
    Spinnaker Real Estate Partners is a company dedicated to acquiring, developing, and managing commercial and residential properties. Based in Fairfield County, Connecticut, they primarily focus on developing mixed use ...
  • Sharma, Arushi; Basra, Kunal; Barraza, Brisa; Canas, Justin; Cartagena, Camila; Chick, John; Elsayed, Amira; Gumber, Sanchay; LaFavor, Erin; Lou, Shijun; Munkhbat, Yanjinlkham; Noi, Emmanuel T. (2019-03-29)
    The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk was founded in 1988. The aquarium is one of the top 25 aquariums in the U.S. in a group of ±125 total. Maritime is a top aquarium in New England featuring 75 live exhibits, more than 2,700 ...
  • Barraza, Brisa; Justin, Canas; Hussein, Hussein; Kang, Jingwei; Matto, Marsha; Noi, Emmanuel T.; Scalfi, Alice; Therrien, Ryan; Zhang, Qiushi; Peicheng, Zheng (2018-03-23)
    Founded in 1821, the city of Bridgeport is not only the largest city in Connecticut, but one of the most diverse communities as well, with over 20 countries represented in a city of over 150,000 citizens. The goal for this ...
  • Chick, John; Barraza, Brisa; Basra, Kunal; Canas, Justin; Cartagena, Camila; Gumber, Sanchay; Noi, Emmanuel T.; Sharma, Arushi; Song, Kevin (2019-03-29)
    We were presented with a series of challenges that centered around our client being unable to communicate their mission and product to prospective investors, manufacturers, and consumers. By learning about their organization ...
  • Barraza, Brisa; Noi, Emmanuel T. (2019-03-29)
    Hospital stays are rarely pleasant experiences for patients. Some require long-term care whose treatment and recovery can cause psychological repercussions. Hospitals provide psychologists for these situations, but more ...

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