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  • Alshehry, Badr; Odeh, Ammar; Abdelfattah, Eman (2014-03-28)
    This poster presents performance evaluation of adaptive equalizers (LMS, RLS and CMA) using different Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) techniques (4-QAM, 8-QAM); using Frequency Flat Fading and Frequency Selective Fading.
  • Almajadub, Fatma; Abdelfattah, Eman; Razaque, Abdul (2013-11-11)
    With developments of real-time applications into data centers, the need for alternatives of the standard TCP protocol has been prime demand in several applications of data centers. The several alternatives of TCP protocol ...
  • Musafer, Hassan; Abdulhammed, Razan; Abdelfattah, Eman; Elleithy, Khaled M. (International Society for Computers and Their Applications, Inc., 2014-10-13)
    A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is an assemblage of cooperative sensor nodes acting together into an environment to monitor an event of interest. However, one of the most limiting factors is the energy constrain for each ...
  • Abdelfattah, Eman (2011-12)
    Network security has received increased attention in the last decades. Encryption has laid itself as the traditional method to transmit information in secrecy. Although strong encryption is a very secure approach for ...
  • Odeh, Ammar; Elleithy, Khaled M.; Faezipour, Miad; Abdelfattah, Eman (2014-03-28)
    Different security strategies have been developed to protect the transfer of information between users. This has become especially important after the tremendous growth of internet use. Encryption techniques convert readable ...
  • Abdelfattah, Eman; Mohiuddin, Asif (AIRCC Publishing, 2010-10)
    In this paper, we are evaluating the performance of Huffman and Run Length Encoding compression algorithms with multimedia data. We have used different types of multimedia formats such as images and text. Extensive ...
  • Odeh, Ammar; Abdelfattah, Eman; Alshowkan, Muneer (AIRCC Publishing, 2012-07)
    Extensive use of wireless networks in different fields increases the need to improve their performance, as well as minimize the amplitude of loss messages. Device mobility, where there is no standard topology that can be ...
  • Almazaydeh, Laiali; Abdelfattah, Eman; Al-Bzoor, Manal; Al-Rahayfeh, Amer A. (AIRCC Publishing, 2010-04)
    The efficiency of sensor networks strongly depends on the routing protocol used. In this paper, we analyze three different types of routing protocols: LEACH, PEGASIS, and VGA. Sensor networks are simulated using Sensoria ...

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