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  • Barraza, Brisa; Justin, Canas; Hussein, Hussein; Kang, Jingwei; Matto, Marsha; Noi, Emmanuel T.; Scalfi, Alice; Therrien, Ryan; Zhang, Qiushi; Peicheng, Zheng (2018-03-23)
    Founded in 1821, the city of Bridgeport is not only the largest city in Connecticut, but one of the most diverse communities as well, with over 20 countries represented in a city of over 150,000 citizens. The goal for this ...
  • Larned, Emily; Amador, Xenia; Ayala, Erika; Brandon, Craig; Cabrera, Jose; Canak, Kazuha; Candito, Crystal; Colon, Anthony; Corrado, Kevin; Cummings, Jacob; Deshotel, Dawn; Gustaveson, James; Lörracher, Johanna; Mensah, Eddie; Nguyen, Phuong; Pulido, Abelardo; Turner, Erin; Steinberg, John; Zhang, Qiushi (2014-03-28)
    A student-produced, interdisciplinary, thematic magazine. Students brainstorm, research, write, photograph, illustrate, edit, and design an issue in its entirety. The course is required of graphic design seniors but is ...
  • Kang, Jingwei; Ang, Ernest; Barua, Priyama; Chen, Izabel; Pippa, Ellis; Guo, Yun; Hussein, Hussein; Kansal, Nishant; Matto, Marsha; Scalfi, Alice; Soares, Giovana; Therrien, Ryan; Zhang, Qiushi (2017-03-24)
    Kubtec is a leading digital X-ray company based in Stratford, Connecticut. Kubtec offers the most innovative tools in digital x-ray equipment for specimen radiography, low-dose imaging, and forensic analysis. We will show ...
  • Therrien, Ryan; Matto, Marsha; Scalfi, Alice; Barua, Priyama; Soares, Giovana; Kansal, Nishant; LaFavor, Erin; Ang, Ernest; Ellis, Pippa J.; Hussein, Hussein; Kang, Jingwei; Guo, Yun; Zhang, Qiushi (2016-04-01)
    MetroCrops is an urban high density indoor farm located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The owner of MetroCrops, Steve Domyan, developed specific technology using a combination of LED lights and nutrients to grow high quality ...
  • Matto, Marsha; Hussein, Hussein; Zhang, Qiushi (2017-03-24)
    We will fulfill important University needs by planning a restoration of a historical home and the possibility of retrofitting the building to improve energy and environmental performance as a “smart building” on campus. ...

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