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  • Banerjee, Soumita; Mowerman, Illya (2017-03-24)
    In recent years, SAS, R, and Python are the three predominant analytical tools which are being used in small, medium, and large scale industries. SAS, R, and Python are not the only BI tools, but they are most popular ...
  • Abuzaghleh, Omar (2017-03-24)
  • Gautam, Sumit (2019-03-29)
    R, SAS, and python are the most used statistical programming languages. Analytics market has been growing up with the double pace and there are many tools available in the market. This study will be conducted to show how ...
  • Casula, Ramakrishna Manasa (2019-03-29)
    The global analytics industry is dynamic and the trends in the languages keep changing. There are attributes that help make the comparison easy. There are five attributes that I have chosen and used a scoring scale to rank ...

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