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  • Hassan, Abdalraouf; Batrafi, Wesam; Elleithy, Khaled M. (IEEE, 2016-04)
    The aim of quantum cryptography is to overcome the everlasting problem of unrestricted security in private communication. The usage of the quantum principles protects the privacy of the user data during the time it is in ...
  • Alshowkan, Muneer; Elleithy, Khaled M. (2017-03-24)
    The field of quantum computing is based on the laws of quantum mechanics, including states superposition and entanglement. Quantum cryptography is amongst the most surprising applications of quantum mechanics in quantum ...
  • Abu Malluh, Arafat; Elleithy, Khaled M.; Mstafa, Ramadhan J.; Alanazi, Adwan (ASEE, 2014-04)
    The advances in hardware speed has being rapidly increased rapidly in the recent years, which will lead to the ability to decrypt well known decryption algorithms in short time. This motivated many researchers to investigate ...
  • Abushgra, Abdulbast (2018-01-24)
    Cryptographic world has faced multiple challenges that are included in encoding and decoding transmitting information into a secure communication channel. Quantum cryptography may be another generation of the cryptography ...

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