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UB ScholarWorks is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital scholarship materials produced by the University of Bridgeport and it's faculty. UB ScholarWorks is a repository which is an important tool for preserving an our legacy as it facilitates digital preservation and scholarly communication. To add materials to UB ScholarWorks or access any items limited to University members only please login.

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  • Fisher, Brian D. (1975-06)
    The health care industry, and especially its hospital portion, has been receivinq increasing external pressure to provide the best possible patient care at the least cost. This means that hospital management must have ...
  • Sommer, Samuel M. (1978)
    This thesis demonstrates how marketing theory (concepts and principles), and analytical tools can be applied to nonbusiness organizations, in this case, cities, why they need marketing theory, and what benefits can be ...
  • Patel, Chhotubhai Somnath (1971)
    This paper offers a summary of cost accounting systems, and the various analytical concepts and practices that make this accounting tool so indispensable to management. It includes the review of the historical development ...
  • Stack, Robert J. (1977-05)
    This thesis is an evaluation of a merit pay system as applied to a blue-collar work force in a manufacturing, production-line environment. Specifically, the writer desired to test the hypothesis that merit pay increases ...
  • Patel, Naginbhai J. (1975-05)
    This paper is designed as a practical tool in the accounting field, and is concerned with the manner in which Standard Costs are used or can be used to control manufacturing operations or processes. An emphasis has been ...

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