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UB ScholarWorks is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital scholarship materials produced by the University of Bridgeport and it's faculty. UB ScholarWorks is a repository which is an important tool for preserving an our legacy as it facilitates digital preservation and scholarly communication. To add materials to UB ScholarWorks or access any items limited to University members only please login.

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  • Koschier, Angelo V. (1972)
    This paper investigates the current situation of Austria's nationalized steel industry. It begins with a brief history of steel production in Austria, and the importance of the steel industry to the country is shown. It ...
  • Kavulich, John J. (1970-02)
    There exists a need in credit unions for better control of credit union assets. Credit unions lack this control because of inefficiency and poor accounting procedures. Here we present accounting procedures for control of ...
  • Krayeske, William A. (1973)
    A company's Annual Report is one of its most important for telling the public about itself. However, over the past few years, there has been much controversy regarding the usefulness of the Annual Report. By looking at the ...
  • Keitel, Robert S. (2004)
    This study created evaluation criteria using the A-H federal abstinence education guidelines (originally part of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996). It examined each guideline to identify its uniqueness vis-a-vis the other ...
  • Kashuk, Gerald A. (1975-06)
    This paper was undertaken with the intent of exercising some of the skills acquired at the University of Bridgeport, both in the graduate and undergraduate division. In order to make a determination as to the future direction ...

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