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UB ScholarWorks is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital scholarship materials produced by the University of Bridgeport and it's faculty. UB ScholarWorks is a repository which is an important tool for preserving an our legacy as it facilitates digital preservation and scholarly communication. To add materials to UB ScholarWorks or access any items limited to University members only please login.

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  • Ostrander, Sarah (University of Bridgeport, 2020-05-14)
    Oral disease continues to be a significant issue across the United States and throughout the world. Oral disease is multifactorial and links to general health. Poor oral hygiene is associated with a lack of education and ...
  • Zapata-Roldan, Felipe (2020-05-13)
    Organizations develop different methodologies for product creation, customization, and improvement. Over time the best-known methods and practices are established and standardized for new product development. An operational ...
  • London, Jeffrey O. (2020-05-13)
    African-American high-tech enterprises and innovation are underrepresented in the economy and industrial sector, in comparison to other types of ownership. Understanding the causal relationship underlying an enterprise’s ...
  • Alattas, Reem; Patel, Sarosh; Sobh, Tarek M. (Springer, 2018-07-16)
    This paper surveys various applications of artificial evolution in the field of modular robots. Evolutionary robotics aims to design autonomous adaptive robots automatically that can evolve to accomplish a specific task ...
  • Jeong, Sanghwa; Pinals, Rebecca L.; Dharmadhikari, Bhushan; Song, Hayong; Kalluri, Ankarao; Debnath, Debika; Wu, Qi; Ham, Moon-ho; Patra, Prabir; Landry, Markita P. (Nature, 2020-12-01)
    Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) are an allotrope of carbon with a planar surface amenable to functionalization and nanoscale dimensions that confer photoluminescence. Collectively, these properties render GQDs an advantageous ...

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