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UB ScholarWorks is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital scholarship materials produced by the University of Bridgeport and it's faculty. UB ScholarWorks is a repository which is an important tool for preserving an our legacy as it facilitates digital preservation and scholarly communication. To add materials to UB ScholarWorks or access any items limited to University members only please login.

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  • Kajalben, Rajput (2019-03-29)
    This Poster involves the study of fault detection and correction in automation industry with the use of PLC, SCADA, GSM and smart sensor technology. Detection of fault can be made easily with the use of SCADA and proper ...
  • Cardenas Portaccio, Nicolas; Saleh, Kareem; Martucci, Christopher (2019-03-29)
    In today's world of plastic, beaches all over the earth are suffering from litter and waste that inevitably reaches the shore and gets swept into the ocean and seas. Even today, litter such as plastic bags and cigarette ...
  • Nawale, Kathan (2019-03-29)
    Lean manufacturing is a branch of manufacturing, that finds out the optimized route for a process to be completed. It isn’t just about using tools or changing a few steps in our manufacturing processes. It changes the whole ...
  • Shah, Soumil Nitin (2019-03-29)
    Cryptocurrency, and its underlying technologies, has been gaining popularity for transaction management beyond financial transactions. Transaction information is maintained in the block-chain, which can be used to audit ...
  • Divecha, Heena; Hajra, Mamta; Macwan, Isaac (2019-03-29)
    Magnetospirillum magneticum (AMB-1) are a species of magnetotactic bacteria that are capable of orienting along the earth’s magnetic field lines through their organelles called magnetosomes. Many studies have shown that ...

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