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UB ScholarWorks is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital scholarship materials produced by the University of Bridgeport and it's faculty. UB ScholarWorks is a repository which is an important tool for preserving an our legacy as it facilitates digital preservation and scholarly communication. To add materials to UB ScholarWorks or access any items limited to University members only please login.

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  • Giannini, Jeffrey C. (1979)
    The subject of Federal Reserve Membership attrition is only now becoming an important element in today’s economy. Both the Federal Reserve and the banks are becoming aware of its importance to monetary and bank control. ...
  • Uddin, Muhammad Fahim (2019-02-12)
    Investigated into and motivated by Ensemble Machine Learning (ML) techniques, this thesis contributes to addressing performance, consistency, and integrity issues such as overfitting, underfitting, predictive errors, ...
  • Griffith, Robert L. (1979)
    The output of computerized econometric model is a list of projected economic values for one or more future periods. This thesis analyzes these single-values projections in terms of an expected range, and an associated ...
  • Gressett, Timothy C. (1975)
    The small businessman of today is a very distinct person. He is one whose success or failure is due primarily to his ability to manage those assets which he has available. The proper management of those resources requires ...
  • Gray, James O. Jr. (1977)
    The pricing policies of the Instrumentation Industry are creating unfair competitive advantages for the broad-suppliers. An information agreement among several broad-line suppliers is leading toward price stability and ...

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